The application

Scholarship Winner

In August 2012 Christian won the City Marketing scholarship for the global ‘Executive MBA in Creative Leadership’ program, for that he dedicated his research-thesis on how digital and social media will help transform the field of city marketing.

About the curriculum

A Non-traditional MBA for Creative Minds

The MBA program from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership is focused on complexity, analysis, strategy, innovation and implementation within the context of creative excellence and designed with the purpose to lead enterprise, clients partners, products, people, oneself and creative industries. Modules taking place all over the world in cities like New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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Future of City Marketing

A Vision for the Future of City Marketing

In regards to his MBA Scholarship topic, Christian published a whitepaper on the future of City Marketing. [Excerpt:] ‘In times where everything is changing and many industries are challenged by the digital revolution, it is essential that also City Marketing adapts to the new ways people are researching, communicating, traveling, buying, making decisions and connecting with each other.’

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On the left we see Christian (middle) next to the mayor of the City of Heidelberg (right) and New York Chairman, Don Reynolds (left).

Master’s Thesis topic

Driving Social Change through Creative Innovation

Do social change initiatives driven by creative innovation lead to verifiable positive social change? And if yes, what are the best ways to drive social change through creative innovation?
This is the topic of Christians Masters Thesis that he successfully defended in New York 2016.

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Master’s Thesis research project

Winner of the SXSW Innovation Award

As part of his Master’s Thesis research, Christian founded “” – a world’s-first social media-led citizen engagement platform for the City of Heidelberg that lets all citizens get involved in helping shape the future of their city.

Winner at 2016 SXSW Innovation Awards and Finalist in the categories ‚Smart Cities‘ and ‚Innovation in Connecting People‘.



Christian had been invited as a keynote speaker to lecture about his start-up ‚Get The‘, which resulted from his Master’s Thesis research, at ‘Digital Suzhou’ – an event hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Suzhou, China.
The conference focussed on the digital transformation of the major Chinese city Suzhou, giving impulses on their journey to transform the city into a future hub for creative and digital savvy talent.