Books and Publishings

There’s never been a better time to be a creative than right now! With all the change that's happening around us that is affecting our own industry and the ones from our clients, there is so much to question, figure out and put into new perspective. Following some of the books and publications on that topic that I wrote or co-wrote:

OMG What Happened

Co-Authour of a Mkt-guide  for traditional ad & Mkt People

This book is for everyone who wants to move into the digital era of awesomeness. It helps traditional advertising and marketing people master the step into the digital era and provides tools to create campaigns that reach the people of today.

It sold more than 300.000 copies
(on Amazon and via „Pay with a Tweet“).

Download it for just a Tweet on:

Non-Stop Real-Time

Co-Authour of a biz-guide about the change of modern values

I am Co-Authour of the business book 'Die Neuvermessung der Werte’, published by one of Germany’s leading trend- and future researchers, Sven Gábor Jánszky. I translated an excerpt of my contribution into English, as the book so far is only available in German/via the Goldegg Verlag.

Order the book:

White Paper

What Internet Pirates taught me about biz Transformation

I have worked in the music industry in leading positions at Sony Music and Warner Music from the end 90’s until 2005 and have experienced first hand how a whole industry can be shattered through rapid technological change.

This opinion piece talks about the importance of being open for change and how much your brands future-survival depends on it.