Lectures & Speeches

Lectures & Speeches

Christian is a regular speaker at workshops and industry events, where he speaks about the role of the creative industry in the field of digital transformation and how you can create amazing things by merging and collaborating with experts from the different fields of creativity, user-experience, social media and technology. If you are interested to learn more, click here to contact >>

Reboot Camp


Christian is a regular speaker and host of the „Digital Reboot Camp“, an annual 3-day event that the Miami Ad School/Europe is hosting to help ‘reboot’ the digital and social media skills and know-how of industry experts from all fields.


Future Congress

2bahead’s annual
future congress in wolfsburg

Christian was invited to speak at the 11th Future Congress in Wolfburg, Germany, hosted by one of Germany’s leading
Think Tanks, 2bAhead, and speak about ‘Prototypes of the Future’ by the example
of the start-up ‘Pay with a tweet’ that he co-founded .


Youth Mkt Congress

annual marketing congress hosted by cobra youth, berlin

Christian was invited to speak at the annual marketing conference , hosted by ‘Cobra Youth’, focussed on integrated marketing for youn adults, and speak about trends in the space of digital and social media.


Reeperbahn Festival

speaker at the annual music/media/interactive festival

Christian was invited to speak at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg/Germany, an annual event about Music, Media and Interactive, where he joined a panel-discussion about how digital and social media will change future brand building of music bands and artists.



workshop speaker and co-host

Christian and his former creative-partner hosted a full-day workshop event at the GoodSchool, a school helping the German advertising- and mkt-industry skill-up in the field of digital, speaking about the insights and rules of their book ‘OhMyGodWhat HappenedAndWhatShouldIDo’.